WHS System Design, Installation and Integration services include:
- Video Management Systems
- CCTV, Access Control
- Number plate recognition
- Antiterrorist solution
- Intrusion Protection
- Perimeter Detection and deterrence

WHS Professional Services Group recognizes the importance of keeping up to date on the latest industry trends and technological advances. In order to understand those trends, stay on top of developments, train our clients, support converged technologies and provide business solutions that exceed expectations, our team members are highly trained and certified.
WHS Professional Services Group can provide the following integration services:
Service-centric business solutions with a return on investment
- Integrated converged solutions
- Optimized network design for physical security
- Compliance issues addressed through customized reporting
- Custom database integration
- Command and Control software applications
- Advanced wireless mesh and point-to-point solutions
- Single sign on and smart card integration for logical and physical security
- Remote system management and support
WHS Systems can also help with:
- Enterprise Risk and Security Business Solutions
- Security solutions to maintain high level of secure area.
- Customized reporting for compliance and audits.
WHS can also provide the following secure information technology services in the physical security arena:
- Core network infrastructure support
- Remote security management of Physical Security Systems
- Remote support services
- Server and desktop support

About us

White Hawk Security Co. W.L.L. is a Bahraini company based in Manama, integrator with capabilities in all major brands of professional security systems. Being an evolution, we also assured our suppliers, who followed our technical expertise, of our confidentiality and commitment in their representation on the Middle East market, which will be strictly implemented by highly qualified engineers with a total respect of USA and European standards. Between the our contractual suppliers who cover entire range of brands of surveillance systems you can find companies such as: OSC Inc., DPL Surveillance Equipment LLC, Southwest Microwave, JT Security Consultancy Services (Siemens UK partner), Pelco, NDI-RS, Harper Chalice Group, Panasonic, Whatchnet Canada, etc. The elements that recommend us are: The best quality products, (proved by our trustworthy partners), confidentiality stipulation and professionalism, time framing, qualified engineers who are attending always the latest training courses of the systems we work with. The preferential pricing program offered to our esteemed clients cannot pass unobserved as well as our immediate response time, having stationed at our major clients facilities a team of one software engineer and one or two technicians equipped with all necessary tools, instruments and dedicated transport. Our employees are periodically attending training courses and seminaries with companies as Southwest Microwave, Pelco, Harper Chalice Group, Siemens, NDI-RS, Whatchnet, etc. We trust the cooperation in service, installation, integrations and supplies are totally fulfilling our client’s expectations. We can provide the best service support program cumulated with contractual secured of a wide range of equipment and spare parts supplies all imported direct from the producers at unbeatable prices, thanks to our external logistics contracts. As new systems we can always be at our client’s service with automatic guard and antitheft devices, CCTV and surveillance systems, perimeter intrusion defense and deterrence, surveillance and counter surveillance solutions, digital recording devices and systems, antiterrorist’s solutions, bombs and weapons detectors and jammers, access control systems, etc., all of them under EU and USA standards and approvals. Our main suppliers’ products and services are used all over the world, where all clients are all along pleased with them. Between the local clients are: HIDD water pump station, AMA Industries, HEMPEL paints, Gulf Hotel, Bahrain International Airport, VIP residences and locations Bahrain. With our support services program, our clients receive the absolute highest level of system reliability and expertise in every area of service, resulting in value-added solutions that minimize your risk and exposure to loss, liability and labor costs. In addition, we are committed to providing our customers with more than just security systems and technology. We strive to deliver solutions that address our clients’ long-term business goals and needs.

As technology and communications continue to evolve, security systems grow more complex on a daily basis. Corporations are more dependent than ever on technology to ensure the security of both property and life. While these changes have resulted in more effective systems, those systems are no longer easily maintained, requiring most companies to form a relationship with a security integrator that can provide reactive, predictive, and proactive solutions for their ongoing support. Being ourselves integrators we are not facing this problem, therefor we are able to provide our customers the best solutions for new systems as well as for existing ones requiring extensive service and eventually upgrades, renewals or addition of new hardware. Whether you’re considering a new security system or simply want to protect the investments you have already made in your company’s future, look to the expertise and customer-oriented WHS service program to meet and exceed your expectations.





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